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We cannot accept any material which you do not own the copyright of, or breaches any other local or international laws in anyway. We print your canvas with the understanding that you are the original copyright owner or under license and, thus you assume all legal liability for the reproduction of any images you should supply to us and any arising legal consequences. Please note we reserve the right to refuse to print any material which we feel may infringe upon these conditions.

Sending photographs in the post

If you do not have a photo in an emailable format and need to send this to us via the post. It is highly recommended where possible that you do not send originals. We treat every item sent to us with the utmost care and respect; however, we have no control over any photos lost in the post. If the photo is precious to you and is the only one you have consider the risks when sending it in the post to us. Therefore My Canvas can accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to storage media such as USB, CDs, DVD devices or images sent to us in the post.

Image Sizes and Quality

We are committed to the quality and stand behind the quality of our printing process 100%, however, a print can only be as good as the original file provided to us. We can accept no responsibility for the result of images provided to us that are of poor quality or insufficient resolution. Guidelines on recommended file sizes are listed in the sizesinformation page, please observe these recommendations when sending your file.

Postage & Packaging

Postage/Courier and packaging charges within New Zealand are laid out in full on the order page. Turn around times listed are provided as a guideline only and while we will always endeavour to work within these times, occasionally unforeseen circumstances may delay production. If your prints do take longer to arrive than expected, please let us know. In the rare event that prints are damaged or lost in the post they will be replaced, however, we will require the damaged print to be returned to us.


Prices displayed on this site are for the base print option only you may choose other options at the checkout/purchase stage that will add to the price which will be displayed accordingly at the time. Prices are considered current at the time of display only and are subject to change without further notice.


Refunds are provided as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act. Please note, as stated above, we cannot be responsible for the result of images from poor quality files.

If you are unsure about any of these conditions or have any further questions please, contact us

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