Photo Restoration

Do you have damaged, torn or faded family photos? We can help restore your precious photo memories with the My Canvas Photo Heritage Image Restoration Service.

We can digitally restore your precious memories to their former glory and in some cases even better than the original. Don’t worry, even if your photo has ripped corners or parts damaged by tape, we can help out. As long as you have more than 50% of the image we will do our best to restore it for you. If you have the opposite problem and want something or someone removing from the image we can do that too!

When not stored in archival conditions your photos are always degrading, as they were created through a chemical reaction when they were first produced and this doesn’t stop. Eventually, your image will fade away, and many varying factors like damp, heat and sunlight can speed this degradation process up. Don’t wait any longer! Send us your images so we can restore them and pass them back to you in digital format for safekeeping, preserving those precious memories for friends and family for generations to come.

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