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As you can see we are a family owned business (this was a day off)!

Hello, I'm Tracey, the owner and creator of My Canvas, partner to Steven and Mum to Daniel. 
 From an early age I have always been creative, a maker at heart. I love trying to be the best I can be making beautiful prints my clients will be proud to hang on their walls.
Back in England in the 1980's when canvas prints were the latest thing a friend and I almost bought a wide format printer. Big jobs, mortgages and a scary price tag on the printers back in the day scared us off. Fast forward 20 years, my corporate job brought me to New Zealand and about a year into the new job I was ready to take a leap of faith into small business.
I started My Canvas back in 2008 in our spare room. I wanted to create a way of life that enabled me to make the most of living in this amazing little slice of paradise where we live.

We now have a studio with a view of the beautiful trees we are surrounded by. The studio is about 30 steps from our front door so the commute is easy! It's more rustic than glamorous but we do have a Nespresso machine so the coffee is good and there's always plenty of biscuits in the tin!
We had always planned that one day Steven would leave his job in IT and join me in the business. Thanks to redundancy and Covid our plans got fast tracked and he took the plunge to try work from home life with me. Unsurprisingly he loves it and is not missing the 6am commutes into the CBD on a bike!
We love chatting about print ideas so if you have an idea for a canvas print or just want a quick 8x10 photo print to pop into a frame give us a call and let's see how we can help. 
Tracey x